Royal Home and Commercial Inspection Services
With Royal, you can't afford not to have your home inspected!

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Royal Home Inspection Services
With Royal, you can't afford not to have your home inspected!

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(214) 293-1707
Flower Mound, TX 75027

With Royal, You can't afford not to have your home inspected!


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(214) 293-1707
Flower Mound, TX 75027

Home Inspections



Trust a Certified Home Inspector

Work with a certified, licensed and insured home inspector when you choose commercial and home inspection services from Royal Inspection Services. in Flower Mound, Texas. Learn more about the services we offer, designed to keep you safe and provide you with peace of mind in your new home. Now serving Plano, Frisco, and McKinney.

Basic Home Inspection Services

Careful attention is given to safety. Every system, every fixture, and every component of the house is thoroughly inspected. This includes inspection of the foundation, roof, roof structure, exterior siding, windows, brick and mortar, interior walls, floors, doors, driveways, walkways, electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems, soil grading, and drainage.

Home and building inspections demand special attention to detail. When you choose us, we work for you. Your report includes digital image references addressing all items listed in the report that are in need of repair. Home and building inspections involve some of the latest, most advanced diagnostic tools to assist in more accurate assessments of electrical and mechanical systems.


Careful, Detailed Service

Inspecting the attic, attic insulation, ventilation, roof, roof sheathing, as well as attic framing and decking are an important step in all of our home inspections. Defects in attic insulation can affect heating and cooling efficiency, costing you money. Water stains in decking and/or roof sheathing can reflect existing moisture penetration areas, affecting interior walls and ceilings.

A home inspection normally takes 3 to 4 hours. Time varies depending on size, age, and condition of the home. You are welcome to be there throughout the entire inspection. We recommend you be there toward the end so that we can go over your report and issues in great detail. We also do a complete walkthrough to be sure you understand the issues.


HVAC Inspection

What We Inspect

Structural Systems

• Foundations
• Soil Grading & Drainage
• Roof Covering
• Gutters & Downspouts
• Roof Structure & Attic
• Walls - In & Out
• Ceilings & Floors
• Doors
• Windows
• Fireplace/Chimney
• Porches, Decks & Carports (Attached)
• Steps/Stairways/Railings
• Balcony


• Dishwasher
• Food Waste Disposer
• Range Hood
• Range, Ovens, Cooktop
• Microwave
• Trash Compactor
• Bath Exhaust Fans & Heaters
• Garage Door Operators
• Door Bell & Chimes
• Dryer Vents
• Other Built-In Appliances
• Music / Intercom
• Refrigerator (if we are asked)
• Icemaker   

Additional Charges

• Pool and Spa, septic system
• Pier and Beam

Electrical Systems

• Service Entrance & Panels
• Wiring
• Equipment Disconnect
• Outlet
• Switch
• GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
• Fixtures & Fans
• Smoke Alarms  

Optional Systems

• Lawn Sprinklers
• Swimming Pools & Equipment
• Out Buildings
• Outdoor Cooking Equipment
• Gas Lines
• Whole House Vacuum Systems

Other Testing

• Available for mold, radon, lead, and air quality.

Commercial Inspections

• Provided professionally and courteously. For larger inspections, we involve a team of experienced, licensed professionals with experience.
• We inspect duplexes, apartment buildings, and condominiums.

Plumbing Systems

• Water Meter
• Gas
• Kitchen Sink
• Laundry Connections & Sink
• Wet Bar
• Sinks
• Tubs
• Showers
• Toilets
• Exterior Faucets
• Drains, Wastes, Vents
• Water Heating Equipment
• Whirlpool Tub

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
(HVAC) Systems

• Heating Equipment
• Thermostat
• Cooling Equipment
• Condensate Drains
• Condenser Coil
• Ducts & Vents 


Pool Inspection

All home inspections are provided by a qualified, licensed, certified and insured professional real estate inspector. For added customer service, termite inspections can include a free 1-year renewable warranty. Guardian Protection Services provides a separate and thorough inspection of your security system. And pool inspections are available from a certified pool operator.

Protect your family and your investment with a home inspection or property inspection from a certified, licensed, and insured professional home inspector with Royal Inspection Services. in Flower Mound, Texas.  Inspected items include sprinkler systems, plumbing, electrical, soil grading and drainage, foundation, attic and attic structure, and insulation.   Learn more about our additional services, in addition to home inspection services. 


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